Below you will find documents pertaining to all of our investment solutions and information to help maintain your client’s account. Our fund prospectuses provide details about fees, investment objectives, risks of investing and operating policies of our funds. You can view the documents on this page using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not currently have Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.

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Form ADV Part 2: Firm Brochure pdf DL
SCM Trust Prospectus pdf DL
SCM Trust Annual Report pdf DL
SCM Trust Semi-Annual Report pdf DL
SCM Trust Statement of Additional Information pdf DL
SCM Trust XBRL Files Zip DL
Shelton Tactical Credit Fund October 31, 2019 Annual Report pdf DL
Shelton Funds Annual Report pdf DL
Shelton Funds Statement of Additional Information pdf DL
Shelton Funds Semi-Annual Report pdf DL
Shelton Funds Prospectus pdf DL
Shelton Funds XBRL Files Zip DL
Fact Sheets PDF
Separately Managed Accounts
Shelton Equity Income Strategy pdf DL
Shelton Option Overlay Strategy pdf DL
Shelton Covered ETF Portfolio Strategy pdf DL
Shelton Green Fixed Income Strategies pdf DL
Shelton International Select Equity Fund (SISLX/SISEX) pdf DL
Shelton Core Value Fund (EQTIX) pdf DL
S&P Midcap Index Fund (SPMIX) pdf DL
S&P 500 Index Fund (SPFIX) pdf DL
S&P SmallCap Index Fund (SMCIX) pdf DL
Nasdaq-100 Index Fund (NASDX) pdf DL
Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) pdf DL
Shelton Real Estate Income Fund (RENTX/RENIX) pdf DL
Shelton BDC Income Fund (LOANX/LOAIX) pdf DL
Fixed Income
Shelton Tactical Credit Fund (DEBTX/DEBIX) pdf DL
U.S. Government Securities Fund (CAUSX) pdf DL
Green California Tax-Free Income Fund (CFNTX) pdf DL
U.S. Treasury Trust (UTSXX) pdf DL

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