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We are a multi-strategy asset manager delivering sophisticated investment solutions.

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About Shelton®

We are honored to have been serving investors for over 30 years. Our founder, Richard Shelton, started the firm in 1985 originally focusing on municipal bond investing. As of March 31, 2022, our firm has grown to manage over $3.8 billion in assets in mutual fund format and separately managed accounts. Download Form CRS.

We manage a range of assets including U.S. equity strategies, international equity strategies, fixed income strategies, ESG strategies and specialty classes.

Our Firm

Our ambition as investment managers is to identify high-quality assets, both in the market and in the workforce. Our team of investment and client experience professionals are committed to a high level of investment expertise, superior academic achievement and an unwavering commitment to business ethics.

Investment Solutions

Shelton Capital Management offers active and passive investment strategies. Research supports a passive approach in efficient markets where consistent outperformance to the benchmark is very unusual. Shelton Capital Management also offers active investment strategies in markets and asset classes where delivering alpha and risk considerations are important.

Insights and News

We are proud to provide thought leadership within the investment community. Our Portfolio Managers consistently add their insight to the newsroom through our pillars of knowledge, experience and focus.

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