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Shelton Green Alpha Fund Hits Three-Year Mark, Earns Four-Star Rating

April 21, 2016

SHELTON GREEN ALPHA FUND HITS THREE-YEAR MARK, EARNS FOUR-STAR RATING  Denver, April 18, 2016 – Shelton Capital Management, a mutual fund company founded in 1985, today announced that the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) received a…

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Ryan Groves Joins Shelton Capital Management's Advisor Services Team

April 14, 2016

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Ryan Groves as the newest addition to our team of professionals that focus on serving the needs of wealth managers and investment advisors. Ryan joins us after a successful tenure at WHV Investments, Inc and…

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Celebrate Three Years of Investing for the Next Economy in Boulder, CO

April 11, 2016

Three years ago Shelton Capital Management and Green Alpha Advisors (sub-advisor to the Fund) launched the environmentally focused, fossil-fuel-free Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX).  Please join us to celebrate three years of investing…

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