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About the Shelton Green Alpha Fund Sub-Advisor

Founded in July 2007, Green Alpha Advisors, LLC (GAA) is a registered investment advisor based in Boulder, Colorado. The Green Alpha Advisors team has deep domain experience as environmentally progressive asset managers.

Core to their investment philosophy is the belief that a “green economy” company is one that works to improve human well-being and social equity while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. It is this green economy philosophy that must continue to evolve for the world to become environmentally sustainable. The Fund may invest in companies of all sizes and seeks diversification by economic sector.

GAA maintains a proprietary list of roughly 300 companies from several industries and economic sectors that, in its sole and absolute discretion, meet the green economy requirements. This list is created after a review of a company’s business plan, activities and operating policies. Stocks to be purchased by the fund are selected from the green economy universe by GAA using quantitative and qualitative analysis and by applying macro-economic theory. Fundamental criteria used to evaluate financial condition include, but are not limited to, earnings and revenue history, growth rates, strength of balance sheet and valuation metrics including price to book, price to sales, price to earnings and price/earnings to growth ratio.

gaa-sub-advisors-opt.jpgGarvin F. Jabusch (left) CIO and Jeremy Deems (right) COO, CFO


Garvin Jabusch.  Before founding Green Alpha Advisors with Maria Potapov and Jeremy Deems, Garvin was the Director of Forward Sustainable Investments, a business unit of Forward Management, LLC. There his duties included supervision of and responsibility for all aspects of the management of the Sierra Club Stock Fund and the Sierra Club Equity-Income Fund. Garvin previously served as Vice President, Strategic Services at Morgan Stanley. Garvin holds an MBA in international management and finance from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

Prior to his entry into the business world, Garvin studied at the Ph.D. program in physical anthropology and archaeology at the University of Utah. During the course of this work, Garvin wrote and contributed to many Environmental Impact Studies. Garvin’s other activities and experience includes work as a white-water guide in Utah and Arizona, work as an EMT, swiftwater rescue certification, French language proficiency and travel.

Jeremy W. Deems, CPA Prior to co-founding Green Alpha Advisors, Jeremy was CFO of Forward Management, LLC, investment advisor to the Forward Funds and Sierra Club Mutual Funds, where he was co-portfolio manager on the Sierra Club Stock Fund with Garvin Jabusch. From 2004 to 2005, Jeremy also served as treasurer of the Forward Funds and Sierra Club Funds.

Jeremy’s undergraduate studies at Saint Mary’s College of California resulted in a B.S. in Business Administration, Honors Concentration in Financial Services and a Minor in Accounting. Jeremy returned to Saint Mary’s College several years later to pursue his MBA in Finance. Jeremy is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  Jeremy also currently serves as independent trustee and audit committee chairman of the Financial Investors Trust, Financial Investors Variable Annuity Trust, the ALPS ETF Trust and the Reaves Utility Income Fund.