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fossil free investing

Free Research Report

Garvin Jabusch, Portfolio Manager for the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) recently authored the research paper Redefining Sustainable and Responsible Investing which addresses the need for a new approach to economic modeling and portfolio construction in light of the Next Economy. For a free copy of the research paper, please click here.


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Fund Highlight

Greater China Fund

In recent years, development in China and the growth of the Chinese economy have given it a position of prominence on the global economic map. 

The Shelton Greater China Fund invests in Chinese companies listed on exchanges in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese mainland that will benefit from economic growth in Greater China.


Fossil Free Investing

the SHELTON green alpha fund

The fund seeks to identify and invest in companies leading the way to the Next Economy™ 

Shelton Capital Management introduces the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) in response to the growing conviction that investing in companies responding to the challenges presented by a warming, increasingly populous, carbon-and-resource-constrained world makes sense.