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Shelton Capital Management is pleased to announce the addition of two mutual funds to complement its lineup of funds that seek to deliver current income in today’s low-yield environment. The two funds are the Shelton Real Estate Income Fund (ticker: RENTX) and the Shelton BDC Income Fund (ticker: LOANX) both of which have solid track records.


Shelton Capital Management has maintained time-tested investment principles for more than a quarter century. For more information on our mutual funds and separately managed account strategies, download and read our brochure.

Sustainable Investing


We offer an intermediate-term taxable bond strategy and short- and intermediate-term tax-exempt strategies for national and state-specific portfolios for residents of states with high personal income tax rates.  In addition, our Portfolio Managers specialize in the integration of bond investing with responsible, green investment principles. 

Shelton Capital Management’s investment philosophy for managing fixed income securities is focused on income reliability and capital preservation.  This particular strategy is implemented as a separately managed municipal bond account and is a private, actively managed portfolio of municipal bonds.

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Stay up to date with Shelton in the news. In our newsroom we post articles relating to Shelton Capital Management and the progress of our funds. We invite you to join us in monitoring the financial landscape and Shelton's place in them through the publications posted here.

important news for the shelton tactical credit fund

We are excited to share with you that as-of close of business March 17th, 2017, Shelton Capital Management announced the Shelton Tactical Credit Fund (the “Previous Fund”), a series of FundVantage Trust, will be reorganized into a newly created series of SCM Trust, also called the Shelton Tactical Credit Fund (the “New Fund”). The Tickers, Cusips, and NSCC Numbers will change.

“I believe the reorganization is a terrific outcome for the current and future shareholders,” said Steve Rogers, CEO of Shelton Capital Management. “This was recommended by both fund boards and over 95% of the shareholder votes cast were in favor of the actions that will be completed today. I understand that the Advisors who were watching this closely on behalf of their clients are very pleased with the final resolution.”

Fossil Free Investing


the SHELTON green alpha fund

The fund seeks to identify and invest in companies leading the way to the Next Economy™ 

Shelton Capital Management offers the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) in response to the growing conviction that investing in companies responding to the challenges presented by a warming, increasingly populous, carbon-and-resource-constrained world makes sense.